Industrial Waste Management

AEIFOROS GROUP has been involved in industrial waste management and processing since 2001, aiming at the production of secondary raw material with high added value, while permitting the significant decrease of waste management cost for the waste producers.

Industrial Waste Management

Aeiforos is in close cooperation with licensed facilities in Bulgaria and in the European Union which can accept industrial waste, hazardous and non-hazardous, for final treatment and disposal. In the case that we cannot valorize the wastes, we can organize and supervise the handling and the shipment of the wastes to licensed facilities for final treatment and disposal.

Aeiforos provides sound and safe management of various kinds of wastes such as:
-          Contaminated soils,
-          Wastewater treatment sludges,
-          Metallurgical slags and drosses,
-          Filter dust

Especially for contaminated soils, Aeiforos cooperates with specialized companies which remediate the contaminated soil, avoiding excavation as well as high transportation costs. At the end, the treatment/disposal of the waste is accompanied by the respective certificates, closing the loop of the waste management.