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Slag Aggregates for Unbound Pavements and Asphalt Layers

Slag Aggregates for landfill, road base and sub-base, antiskid road pavements and embankment.

Slag Aggregates

What is Slag?

Electric Arc Furnace Slag (EAF slag) is a co-product of the steel industry, composed of oxides (Iron, silica and calcium oxides). It is produced during the melting of clean iron scrap in the electric arc furnace of the steelworks. The slag is poured from the furnace, cooled and stockpiled before further processing.

EAF slag is an inert material with excellent mechanical properties which makes it a convenient source of hard aggregates. Arising from a high-tech and well-controlled industrial process, this artificial stone presents a stable quality, contrary to natural stones.

Why to choose Slag Aggregates?

  1. For environmental reasons: The world-wide move towards environmental improvement inevitably means increasing the use of slag in order a) to minimise the extractive quarrying of primary aggregates, saving natural resource and preserving landscape, and b) to increase recycling for energy-savings and zero-waste achievement.
  2. For higher quality in construction: Slag aggregates present superior properties in durability and skid resistant mechanical behaviour compared to natural aggregates. Any customer's specifications can be met via further processing (crushing and screening) of the slag aggregates.
  3. For savings in construction, since slag products are priced lower than natural aggregates.

Uses of Slag aggregates in the construction industry
Slag aggregates are suitable for landfill material, base and sub-base for road and railways, as well as for the construction of hydraulic ballast.

Moreover slag aggregates are widely used for their anti-skid properties in bituminous mixture for the construction of road wearing course.

The aggregates of smaller size (0-5mm) can be used as raw material for the production of anti-slipping paving stones, also as aggregates in slurry seal mixtures and as raw material in cement production.


AEIFOROS experience in slag production

AEIFOROS GROUP has been involved in hard aggregate production from electric arc furnace (EAF) steel slag since 2001 in Greece and 2005 in Bulgaria.

Meeting the highest standards for aggregate production and showing remarkable environmental concern, the group AEIFOROS operates today three state-of-the-art slag aggregates production facilities, one in Bulgaria and two in Greece. About 350.000 tons of EAF slag are annually processed in those three facilities while the total production capacity reaches 450.000 tons.

The quality of the hard aggregates produced in our facilities is our main priority, and is ensured through staff experience, our know-how and the excellence and consistency of the production process.

AEIFOROS' hard aggregates have received the first price in the category "Ecological Product" in the Greek competition of the European Business Awards for the Environment in 2006.